Thornburg, R. (2011) Basics of Web research; Cultivating Links, Cultivating Sources (Chapter 6 p135 – 166). Producing Online News. CQ Press Washington

–          Internet is littered with filth and lies

–          On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog

–          Journalists must ferret out lies and ensure their report is fair, accurate, complete and transparent

–          Don’t accept Google searches at face value, no matter how fast you need to be

–          Online audiences want the latest information, and they want it now

–          Know how to pose a good question

–          ‘The’ is pointless in a word search as so many websites have that word

–          Searching: nouns are better than adjectives; made a specific term if you want a specific result; use quotation marks; who, what, where and when do better than why or how.

–          Google is king, followed, if not way back, by Yahoo.

–          The Web is square one, but as journalists we must dig deeper

–          Home your search by using quotation

–          Use a – before a word in Google to exclude it

–          Good reporters clearly say what they are seeing, but wonder about what they are not

–          Find sources on social media

–          Used to be pubs and city hall – now Twitter and other social media

–          Google and Technorati have blog search options

–          Amateur multimedia can be useful, by providing pictures or video from someone who was there

–          Collect emails and a few details about certain people for future sources

–          By putting bits about yourself on social media, you show yourself as a real person and trustworthy

–          WhoIs links owners and sites

–          Network Solutions gives names and numbers

–          Websites reflect the people or organisations that created them

–          Information on a website may only be true when it was printed

–          Look at the sources used – are they credible?

–          RSS – Really Simple Syndication

–          Many sites publish RSS automatically when they post new information

–          RSS can be found with the icon


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