Introduction workshop

Today was my first workshop of multimedia jounalism. Caragh was ill today so we had Bernard and then Patrycja came in to take most of the workshop.

We spent the day creating wordpress blogs but I have expereicne with this so it did not take me long at all. I already blog have a main blog and write for Wannabe Hacks, both using WordPress. I had a bit of fun choosing a new theme and setting everything up but it was pretty straigh forward.

We recieved our module handbooks which covered deadlines and readings. It seems I will be buying yet more books to go with the stack I have for my dissertation.

The St Matts website now no longer exsists so for the remainder of the year we will be using There should be a lot better as it includes resources and other valuble information.

Phil came in to finish off the lecture. He spoke about social media and news in a digital age. We watched a video from the BBC’s college of journalism to illustate the point.

Unfortunately, a few of us had to leave at this point as there was a big over lap with a Media and Cultural Studies overlap.

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