Correct round up – Squatters move into Bristol bank worth £750k

Squatters move into Bristol bank worth £750k

Squatters in Bristol have moved into an empty building, previously owned by Lloyds Banking group. The building, which is worth an estimated £750,000, is now occupied by nine people from a variety of backgrounds.

New squatting laws were recently passed in the country, meaning that squatting is now a civil matter and up to the owner of the property, but if squatters occupy a residential property, they could be jailed for up to six months.

Police did attend the the scene but as no damage was caused, left the tennants as they were.

Lloyds bank confirmed that they own the bank to This Is Bristol, but are yet to release a statement about the current occupants or what they intend to do about the situation.

The squatters vary between the age of 20 to 5o, and students to some currently between jobs.

Squatter Simon Jones, 42, who has lived in Bristol for the last three years, told The Daily Mail: “We noticed the building a few weeks ago. We were evicted from our previous place and it was too good an opportunity to miss.

“We were last in an industrial unit, it was a bit cold, it’s somewhat nicer here.”

The building has remained empty for quite some time, when a thoudsands of people thoughout the country remain homless.

Another squatter, Barry Fry, 34, also told The Daily Mail: “Obviously it’s a massive upgrade from having a sleeping bag on a park bench and is nice because of who the owners are and the way it was being used before.

“It’s just nice to be able to show that buildings like this can be used in a positive fashion.”

The come in the same year when squatters moved into a £3 million mansion in Clifton.

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