Week Two

Week two rolled around and it seemed I had made a few mistakes in the lead up to this workshop. Firstly, I got the round-up task wrong and I also did the wrong reading. I will catch up on that though, and even though I made a mistake, these workshops are the best place to make them. I uploaded a new round-up story although this could still be improved.

To begin with, we all introduced ourselves to Caragh. Just in case – I’m Liam Corcoran. My interested in journalism goes back a long way as my family have always watched the news and this brought up debates. I then did my first work experience with The Post back in 2009. Since then I have been hooked. I currently write for Wannabe Hacks and am the online editor for the WesternEye. I think the multimedia module fits in well with both of these and also journalism is changing through multimedia, so it is time relevant. Within five years I want to be a deputy section editor of a national newspaper.

From here we moved on to talking about online writing. What makes it different? How do you do it properly? Jakob Nielson is a leader in online writing and usability. He points out the importance of headlines – no longer than five words or 34 characters. This makes sense. The headline should say exactly what it is.

This is interesting though as The Daily Mail employes some of the longest headlines ever seen, yet it is the most read news website in the world. Food for thought.

From here the top four paragraphs should tell the whole story, so nothing below the fold is missed out. The reader needs to get all the information as fast as possible.

Things to be wary of when writing online, but as with all journalism, are spelling, jargon, cliché, journalese and hyphens. Mistakes make it into papers and websites all the time but it is critical we try to avoid them at all costs.

After this we moved onto more WordPress stuff but I have used the site for years now so find these bits a little slow and covering some ground I already know about. I can’t complain though.

Hopefully there should be a story by me published on Bristol Live tonight. I’ll let you know if and when it appears.

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