Thornburg, R. (2011) Multimedia Reporting (Chapter 8 p194 – 239). Producing Online News. CQ Press Washington

–          Multimedia is the convergence of storytelling tools

–          Multichannel distribution is one product over various forms of media such as a radio show over FM, XM Satellite radio, podcasts and the internet or a written story in print and online

–          Parallel reporting is when two forms of media tell slightly different stories on the same topic, such as copy and a video

–          Backpack journalists have emerged as a jack of all trades in the multimedia world

–          Digital camera: sensors, zoom, megapixel, iso, aperture, shutter speed

–          Storage media: Flash cards, secure digital cards, JPG, compression

–          Video: Batteries, tripod, microphone

–          Top 10 photo tips: working camera, one subject, take lots of photos, act natural, move around, don’t centre the subject, be aware of the background

–          Interview programmes: ProTools, SoundForge, GarageBand, Audacity

At this point I began to skim read as a lot of what is said in this chapter I have covered in previous years of either college or university. The reading was very basic and I felt it was for someone first starting out, where as I am at a more advanced level.


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