Week two story

For week two, we had to go out and find a story that related somehow to Bristol. It could be anything but had to be relevant and in date. Luckily, I was already covering a story with Ellen Mauro on youth voting in the city.

We had done a fair bit of work up to now to do with the story. It began last Friday when we went to interview Yvonne at the council. The interview went great and we got some really nice quotes. She also informed us that Bristol University’s Fresher’s Fair was taking part, with the council and some candidates having stands.

So from one interview we were heading to something completely unexpected but relevant to the story. We arrived there and got another good interview with Alice, who is part of the students’ union, and also voxpoped some students. It all flowed really well and came together nicely.

However, this story was for The Post, so I was initially worried about submitting it for my course. I contacted Caragh and we discussed it with her saying it was fine. The piece for my course was only 300 words, where as The Post want a longer piece and a video to accompany it, so the cross over should be very limited.

Some of the interviews didn’t even make it to the piece. Unfortunately, when we first reviewed and transcribed the footage, there was no video. This meant that even though we had done a variety of Voxpops, we could not match the names to the quotes. This was very frustrating when it came to write the story up.

I also took quite a nice photo in of a sign but cropped it in WordPress, where as I should have left it alone.

Apart from that, the story went well and will be published on Bristol Life.


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