Week 3

The week started in a fashion that I hope will continue for the foreseeable future as we all marked each other’s work. I really like this element of the course as allows me a chance to see how everyone else is doing, because I’m nosey, but it also allows me to see how other view my work.

As the lesson went on we spoke about several different issues including media law. During my first year at Falmouth, I studied law for a year, and received a first on the exam. Due to this I think I was a bit ahead of the rest of the class. I felt quite engaged with this part as I think media law is something that journalists push the boundaries of. I wrote a piece about it for Wannabe Hacks.

Journalism has always pushed the boundaries of what is ethical in order to expose corruption. The Leveson Inquiry must be careful not to damage the industry by putting off young journalists from doing what is necessary. We, as journalists, are the fourth estate and as such, must keep power in check.

Form here I felt the rest of the lecture a little wasted on me. Throughout college I used a digital SLR a lot as one of my projects focused on band photography. I also have my own Nikon D60.

Where it was covering a lot of what I had done before, I feel I zoned out a little and didn’t give it my full attention. I was also a little confused as something in Thornbury’s book was directly contradicted.

Going out and taking photographs was a nice break from being stuck in the room for the whole session. We got to go around and play with the cameras. I let David do most of the shooting but did do some myself.


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