Bull, A. (2010) Multimedia Journalism: a Practical Guide (Chapter 10). London: Routledge.

– Automatic options: portrait / landscape / sports / close ups / night photography
– Manual modes: focus / slash / shutter speed / aperture / depth of field
– Shutter and aperture balance: the amount of light / the depth of field you want / the subject / what the subject is doing
– Slide shows with commentary were born out of multimedia journalism
– Hybrid way of story-telling
– Deceptively simple
– Audio drives the story, still just illustrate
– Audio: speaking naturally / can just be subjects / actuality will add to the piece
– Stills: establishing shots / shots of subjects doing their daily business / detail shots to bring in as much interest as possible
– Don’t just throw together random photos
– Let the opening image sink in
– Duration depends on detail
– Windows movie maker / iMovie / Soundslides (£30)


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