UWE challenges mental health

The mental health roadshow team

The mental health roadshow team

UWE launches a mental health road show in order to challenge the issues surrounding everything from depression, insomnia and stress.

During mental health awareness week, 8th – 14th October, the road show hopes to reach as many students as possible by connecting with them in ways that have not been seen in previous years.

Lead by the students’ union, it will travel to Frenchay, St Matthias, Glenside, Bower Ashton and Hartpury campuses over the five days.

Last year, only one day was set aside for mental health during the year. This year is seeing an increase in time due to student feedback.

Louise Goux-Wirth, vice president of community and welfare

Louise Goux-Wirth, vice president of community and welfare

Louise Goux-Wirth, vice president of community and welfare said: “To do it as a whole week and to travel to every campus is the key thing. I wanted to do the road show because I wanted to go to the students rather than the students having to come to us, because people always tend to go to Frenchay for things that the union does. Students have really appreciated the effort behind it and not being scarred to talk about it.”

According to a report by The Association for University and College Counseling (AUCC), 3-10% of the student population will have contact with its counseling service in a year. Yet students will still not know what kind of advice is out there.

“I’ve graduated and I know what it is to be a student. It is quite stressful; it is not just about getting your degree done, starting your first year and then graduating three years later,” added Louise.

“There is so much stuff that happens whilst you’re a student in the middle of all that. It is about knowing that you are not alone, that there is support out there and knowing where to go for help.”

UWE has around 30,000 students so helping all of them may be impossible over just five days, but if the road show comes into contact with just 500 people, and they pass the information onto friends, flat mates and family, it can have a lasting impact.


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