Week Five

This week, we began putting our audio-slideshows together. David and I had decided to work together and had taken the pictures earlier in the week. We got a variety of photos in a hope to cover all the things he would cover in the interview. However, we could have done with a few more.

The recording of the interview didn’t take too long. Again though, we did have some problems. The room we choose was a little echoey and this was really reflected when we listened back to our interview.

The editing was very simple but very tedious. Making all the photos were lined up correctly and all in order just took forever. I feel if we did this more often though, it would become second nature and really simple.

We did eventually get everything done, including some underlying ambient sounds. This did add to the piece and helped to break up the interview a little.

I feel like the work I produced was not my best though. I was just feeling a little lethargic and a bit uninterested in the project. I do really like the idea of audio-slideshows though and do hope to continue with them in the near future.


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