Bull, A. (2010) Multimedia Journalism: a Practical Guide (Chapter 5). London: Routledge.

– Online video can be anything from professional to CCTV
– More advanced would be a package
– Text-plus report is text with added video
– Package: interviews / voxpops / PTC / relevant video / stills
– Multimedia allows live-footage which is incredibly simple
– A video camera is not essential
– Tripods are important
– Video is useless without sound
– Smartphones have no zoom
– Tripods for smartphones are available
– Avoid distracting backgrounds
– Leave 5-10 seconds after pressing record
– Keep quiet no matter how much you wish to comment
– Shots: pan / zoom / establishing / detail
– Lead space: the space between the subject and the edge of frame
– Cut away / noddy
– Don’t cross ‘the line’
– Shoot to edit: what do you need to tell the story?
– Video is not telling but showing
– Styles: text-plus / package / features / bulletins / studio based / live
– Can broadcast live from your phone
– Qik / Flixwagon and register your phone for embedding
– Learn to speak well: volume / pitch / rhythm / speed / don’t be stagey
– Video publishers will often compress for you
– 1MB per minute
– YouTube allows embedding
– Video is great for driving traffic


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