Week six

This week we began the transition into video and the role of video within journalism. We spoke a lot about the merits of video and how in a digital age it is helping to break the text dominated form of news. The internet allows for a much greater scope when it comes to producing content. I myself cannot think of one newspaper online that has not tried video in some form.

This is why it is so crucial, as multimedia journalists, that we explore video and the different types that appear online.

Something that we addressed quite heavily this week was the health and safety forms that UWE require that fill out before hiring equipment. We went through a simple exercise about what we would need to address when hiring equipment for different situations. However, it seems like UWE ask us to go into far too much detail. As a class we were reassured that UWE and the journalism department are in talks to make this process a lot simpler.

We had a quick play around with the new cameras and they seem fairly simple to use. As a short exercise, we went off and filmed short interviews in groups. I went off with David and Amy and we reenacted an interview from the BBC website. This was just so we got the feel for framing and light. For framing, we aim for ‘nipple to head.’

The homework task is to do some filming, of a news worthy topic, before next week. Unfortunately, I am away all weekend and also have work the other days. This means that I would not be able to do any filming but Caragh agreed to let me edit some other footage next week.


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