Bull, A. (2010) Multimedia Journalism: a Practical Guide (Chapter 11). London: Routledge.

– Video cameras
– Manual focus: always on your subject even if someone walks by
– Manual exposure: camera will not adjust to sudden light
– Shots: wide / long / medium / medium close up / close up / big close up
– Angles: high / low / eye level
– Five shot rule
– Simple shooting: the person, the thing, the person with the thing
– Second style of video developed by the web: capturing the moment
– The ‘moment’ means the quality is less important i.e. 7/7 bombings
– Video as a means of the audience experiencing what the reporter is experiencing
– Video as the future of journalism
– Raw, unplanned footage means the audience feels a part of it
– Professional and amateur footage can work side by side


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