Bull, A. (2010) Multimedia Journalism: a Practical Guide (Chapter 14). London: Routledge.

– Hyper-local: live, work, play in that area
– Professional combined with students, bloggers, citizens, and residents
– What local papers used to be
– What is hyper-local possible? Searchable, GPS or journalists/readers, personalisation
– Geotagging is information via geography
– It allows the putting together of a local paper via the hands of the readers
– Geotagging automatically via GPS
– Hyper-local fails unless there is news / facts behind it
– Collaboration is key
– No papers ‘own’ a town anymore
– Journalism, in and of itself, is a networking platform
– Maps can be more than a map
– Can be the underlying , linking structure
– Mashups: combining data from various sources into a simple intergraded tool


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