Multimedia proposal

1. What is your 100 word billing for your idea?

As more and more journalism courses emerge around the country, and as more wannabe journalists seek to enter the every changing industry, this is a site that will seek to spread journalism news that is important and relevant to wannabe journalists and also provide them with a platform in which they can voice their own opinions and ideas. Also, it will aim to provide a fortnightly podcast in which wannabes and industry insiders discuss news, topics and outlets via which wannabes can enter the industry.

2. Who is your audience and who is your main competition?

The range of people who want to enter the world of journalism means that my audience will be very diverse. There will be no set age range as you have students, mature students and even people outside of those two parameters. The aspect that will link my audience will instead be their interest in journalism and their aim to enter the industry.

There are a lot of journalism sites out there, such as the Press Gazette, and Roy Greenside’s blog. However, none of these cater to wannabe journalists, meaning that my main competition would be Wannabe Hacks. However, I don’t want to see this site as competition but rather a ‘sister site’ which can feed off of, and help each other.

3. What multimedia content and relevant interactive and social features are you planning to use? 

Twitter and social media will be a big part of this project. I will use it to source news and young journalists who wish to have their voices heard. This will come in the form of people on the podcast and also quest posts. Hopefully, Twitter will be a platform within which I can hold and nurture debate.

For the podcast, I may have to record this over Skype or some form of internet phone service. This is due to journalism not having one central location but being spread all over the country, especially with universities and local papers. To give weight to the podcasts and the site, I need to get hold of these industry professionals otherwise it just becomes wannabes talking and that might not mean anything for people within the industry. Also, if they are just wannabes, it would be hard for people to know what they are saying is right.

4. What are your main design, technical and editorial considerations?

The design of the site will be quite simple. However, when it comes to technical and ethical considerations will be where I face challenges. The technical side may be the most difficult. I will have to record and put together podcasts without actually meeting the people who feature. Therefore, I will have to learn how to record online conversations, something I have never done before, to a very high and profession standard.

With the ethical considerations, this comes in two forms. First, I have to make sure the quests posts are to a high standard and that what they are saying, in not only relevant, but accurate. While I am happy for anyway to have their voice heard, I just have to make sure their voice is relevant. Also, when I personal post news, I have to make sure it is relevant to my audience. For instance, recently The Daily was closed down by Rupert Murdoch, which was big shock for digital publishing. This was written about a lot but not in terms of wannabes. However, on the same week, Symbolia launched, an illustrated journalism platform launched. This is key for wannabes because even though the ‘established, traditional’ forms are closing, there is a huge digital space for wannabes to explore. With all news I have to make sure it follows the correct angle.

5. What resources, locations and people do you need?

Locations will be relatively unused in my new site. Most nationals are based in London, local papers are all over the country and the best postgraduate degrees are located in Cardiff, London, Sheffield and Salford. I have neither the time nor money to travel around to all of them for location based reporting.

This project will be heavily online based. I will have to master social media in order to make sure I use it as effectively as a I can. I also need to be able to use Skype to the fullest of it’s ability, making sure that I have a strong connection, record it accurately and also that everything is captured. Finally, I will have to use Abode Premier or Audacity to put the podcast together in a professional way, including some form of opening.

People will also be a crucial element to this project. Without the right people, either in terms of credibility or just writing, it falls apart. This isn’t something I can do by myself, but something that needs the time and effort of other people. When it comes to guest posts, this shouldn’t be a problem. There are vast amounts of people on social media who are very vocal and who I’m sure would like to right. After all, getting into journalism is about writing often and in different spaces. The problem might come when trying to get industry standard professionals onto the podcast. I do have contacts within organisations, but it is unclear whether or not they have the time or willingness to take part.


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