Semester 2

After a long break for Christmas, semester two is fast approaching and I can’t wait to get producing my own project. Over the break, I have had a big long think and I know now that I don’t want to follow through with my idea to write about journalism. I do that quite a lot for Wannabe Hacks and I also don’t want to encroach on the site. This has led me to two other ideas. I have two main passions in life and both seem to be having spot in the sun right now.

Cycling is big in Bristol. In fact, bristol was the first cycling city in the country. This has meant there has been a lot of progression around the activity, whether through leisure, commuting, sport or communities. I think this could be a really strong project with very diverse content and would come out as some form of special report.

Comics in the UK also seem to be on the rise. Recently there have been a variety of stories on national news websites and more people are becoming aware of comics due to films like The Avengers and the Batman franchise. Bristol is a great city to explore this is but it would also reach out across the UK. For instance, Bristol has, I believe, 4 comic shops. It also hosts a comic-con and has a vast community of fans. Elsewhere, lots of big name writers are beginning to emerge from the UK, taking the industry by storm.

I do have  a preference to follow the cycling route, but I shall talk more about it in my workshops.


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