Interview with Bristol Cycling Campaign

Bristol Cycling Campaign have a lot to say about, and are a big influence on cycling infrastructure within Bristol. Over the coming weeks they will be releasing a manifesto so this was a crucial interview for my project.

They invited me along to one of their meetings which I thought was great. I got to sit in on their pre-meeting too, where they discussed things like funding and schedules. Chatham House rules did apply to this, although I didn’t really feel there was anything worth keeping secret.

They were also very pushy about trying to get me to just work with them, rather than doing a separate project. While that was nice, it really wasn’t what I was looking for.

As the general meeting started, they also gave me the opportunity to speak at the meeting. I didn’t expect this at all and was completely unprepared. I did get up and talk though, as this will hopefully attract more attention to my project.


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