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Tweaking and launch

Today is the day.

There were a few final changes that I needed help from Jess to do, involving changing the link colors, adding lines to drop down menues and closing margins. These were all code related problems so I could not do them myslef.

Once these were done, I put out a message on Facebook and Twitter that the site was ready to launch at 15.00.

When it came to three, the site went live. From here, I hope to get some comments from readers and will continue to push the stories through social media.


Final photo

For my home page, I needed one image of myself to represent the ‘Bristol Biker’. My friend, Elliott Westhoff, took the photo tonight and allowed for its use on the site. However, he did not wish to be accredited so I have not put his name on Biking Bristol.

Video editing

I spend the majority of today editing my helmet camera videos and uploading them to YouTube, in order to embed them. At the time of filming, I made a note of what was important and when. This meant I could do block editing at the end and then embed them all at once. It didn’t matter that they weren’t uploaded at the time as I dated them all in the title and the blog on my site would just be launch as a compete package.

The video editing was really simple. I just took the important bits that I knew of and that was all. There was no need for fancy editing at the end or beginning. The videos are just to highlight certain issues on the road rather than be fancy videos.

FOI Response

I got a response from Avon and Somerset Police following an FOI request today. Keith Rundle has already given me statistics regarding bike theft in Bristol though, and his are slightly higher.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 12.32.49

Permission and statistics

Following my interview with Keith Rundle, he said he would forward me some statistics for my feature. Also, I wanted permission to use the Operation Relentless video. Both came in one email.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 12.30.22

Interview with Inspector Keith Rundle

Having managed to get around the police media centre for an interview with the police, I had my interview with Keith Rundle today.

Now, while I was grateful for the interview, Keith put the interview back to 11.30 but then didn’t show up till gone 12. For a journalist on a schedule, this would have been disastrous.

Luckily, the interview itself did make up for this and I got lots of great quotes for my piece. Keith was very open and honest during the interview and I asked some tough questions that might have made others possibly cut the interview short.

Keith has also said he may inform me of new stories in the future.

Permission to use inner loop map

Bristol Cycling Campaign created a really detailed map of their inner loop proposal. I asked for permission to use if from Martin who I interviewed. He agreed but also had forgotten who I was…

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 17.36.27

Photography of a memorial

I went down to take some photos in the area where Sean Phillips fell off his bike today. It felt really weird taking photos of flowers and a place where someone had died for a project. Some of the flowers had also started rotting so it had to really think about the photography and what I wanted to say with the picture.

In terms of whether or not I should be taking photos of this, I think the project really needed it. I would be talking about Sean specifically in my first piece so I think the photo is important. There are also plenty of signs in the area so I think the photos will really add to the project.

Location reci – memorial

I went down to the harbour for a location recy today. I know I want a photo for my homepage that signifies the imperfect nature of cycling within the city. Sadly, Sean Philips died at the harbour so I’m hoping that there will be some sort of memorial at the location.

If there isn’t I might have to look about for a ghost bike within the city. As it happens, I discovered today that there is a selection of flowers at the location and also loads of signs advising cyclists not to cycling on the tracks. This will be perfect and I’ll go back tomorrow to take some pictures.

Police response

Following the phone call with the police media centre, I went ahead and messaged the police inspector directly. As the media centre had completely turned me down I didn’t think there was any harm in this and that an interview with the police would really strengthen my project. As it turns out, I got an email this morning from the inspector saying they will be launching a big project in the city and that he would be happy to talk to me. The interview is set up for next Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 12.28.49